The Flowers of Arieta. Available in various colors

Papel pintado de vinilo autoadhesivo a medida. Elige el material y escribe las dimensiones que necesites. Añade 3 cm a cada medida. Tu pedido se entregara en paños de 60-70 cm de ancho y altura seleccionada.
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Como pegar Papel Pintado Autoadhesivo

Customize the product with the dimensions you need. We suggest you add an extra 3 cm in both dimensions because the walls and ceilings are not always straight.

  • Your order will be delivered in panels between 60 and 80cm wide which together will cover the dimensiones you indicated. The height of each panel will be your selected height. Ideally, each panel should be adhered carefully to the wall, so as to aboid bubbles, and with a 1.5 cm overlap between each panel. If one of the dimensions does not exceed 120cm, a single panel will be sent.
  • The panels are numbered at the bottom left with a very small number and an additional margin. Once you reach the skirting you cut and ready.
  • Peel it off and stick it on any smooth surface. The repositionable paper vinyl can also be glued on surfaces with certain irregularities. We recommend asking for a sample beforehand since each surface is different.
  • As it is vinyl, it is washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and soap. Ideal for sticking in kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces that get very dirty. Heavier stains such as ketchup can leave traces of dye. Marker stains, paint, stains, enamels, etc., do not go away.
  • When you want to change it, simply peel it off. High-adherence vinyl removes paint and in some cases plaster when peeled off. Repositionable paper vinyl only removes small dots of paint.
  • As it is a personalized product, it cannot be returned. If you have reservation about the product, ask for a personalized sample. However, if there is a production defect or the product has been damaged during shipping, let us know within 15 days after receiving the order by writing to and we will take care of it for you.


Original design: Gerardo Aranguren, director Vinilaroom. All rights reserved. 

Description of the work: When I was a teenager I spent hours and hours reading Jules Verne's books, the Journey to the Center of the Earth, Dick Sand, a Captain at Fifteen... I immersed myself in their world and imagined 1000 worlds in the real world. 

Whit this print I want to pay tribute to one of my favorite writers Jules Verne and his novels: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island on which the submarine nautilus appears several times. Thank you Jules Verne for everything you have taught me. 

The fish I have drawn in ink with a vintage engraving style, they are originals and fruit of my imagination. The imagination that Jules Verne helps me to develop.

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