Customized sample. Choose between 2 and 6 designs on a 70x140cm cloth of the selected material.

Muestras de papel pintado de vinilo autoadhesivo. Elige el material y los diseños que más te gusten. *Se reembolsará en el siguiente pedido superior a 150€.
Size Guide
Como pegar Papel Pintado Autoadhesivo

Receive a 70x140cm sample book of the type of material selected. In the text box write the name of the design and the variants in case they have, such as color, orientation, etc.. Choose between 2 and 6 designs. We will put all the selected references in a single 70x140cm cloth. If you want more design, introduce in the cart another personalized sample.

  • Ideal in case you are still not sure which one to choose.
  • Please write correctly the names of the designs and the variant in case you have one. If the variant does not appear we will send the first reference of the design.
  • We will refund the sample on your next order over 150 ?. So actually the sample book is FREE!
  • As it is a personalized product it cannot be returned. However, if there is a production defect or it has been damaged in transit, write to us at and we will fix it.

aprende a pegar tu papel de vinilo autoadhesivo

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